About Us

White Raven Chronicles

We are a small independent publisher based out of Cawston, British Columbia, Canada, intent on supporting & publishing Canadian, Indigenous, and minority voices. As an author-owned and operated business, we understand the incredible work that goes into creating engaging stories and bringing them to life on the page.

Fantasy and speculative fiction are our passions and we work alongside authors who live and breathe magic and epic battles just as we do. In the future, we intend to pursue other genres as well. 

Our Mission

White Raven Chronicles has one simple mission: to reignite our kinship with the world and people around us and forge closer connections with our local communities, families, and friends.

In the age of digital media, the “local” is often cut out of our everyday lives. Yet it is the ground we live and sow our lives upon. We want to nurture the land we grew up on, the land which allows us to prosper, and support the people around us. We will give back to the communities that made us who we are today.

Our stories are of the everyman & woman, but driven by the love of being enchanted and surprised by every twist and turn. Rather than tell the same stories, we will leave no stone unturned. We will explore the unexplored, defy genre, and breathe life into old tales.

Dedication to Charity

We are dedicated to supporting our communities with our art through charitable means. Although White Raven Chronicles is just starting out, in the future we aim to create youth programs to promote self-expression through literacy. In particular, we aim to support local Indigenous youth achieve their writing and artistic goals and eliminate boundaries to success.

In no particular order, once we are more established, we will begin to:

  • dedicate scholarships for indigenous youth
  • dedicate art and writing youth scholarships
  • organize charity anthologies (where a percentage of or all proceeds will go to literacy organizations or local causes)
  • create free or low-cost educational programs about writing and publishing
  • and hopefully much more! This is only a sample of the avenues we would like to go in the future.

By supporting White Raven Chronicles, you’re promoting literacy and creativity in the Okanagan and Similkameen! (And you get to read some awesome books in the process ūüďö!)¬†

The Serialization Model

Novels are the essential product of a publishing house, you might argue, but let us pose you this fact instead: the story is the most important piece, not the mode of delivery. Although we do intend to release many novels our primary mode of storytelling will be through the continuous release of various serials.

Some of our serials will be in the form of individual chapters that build into a whole story arc. Or some, like the Lunar Insurrection Series, will be short but frequent novellas that stand as individual stories with a constant and developing cast of characters in a growing world.

But what is serialization?

More coming soon.

Our Imprints

Dragon’s Hoard

Our beloved flagship imprint, Dragon’s Hoard, caters to a wide array of fantasy stories.¬†Fantasy, Epics, and Quests are in our blood. Our writers are inspired by generations of human storytelling, deep lore, complicated magic, flawed heroes and thrilling battles. Join us today as we construct and guide you through fantasy worlds more familiar than you might think!

Check out our current series Lunar Insurrection and Yokai Calling or subscribe to our Patreon to receive new installments in advance of in-store releases as well as other perks such as exclusive content.


Freya’s Arrow

Real love doesn’t conform. Why should our romance stories?

COMING 2022.

Unsolicited Submissions for Dragon’s Hoard and Freya’s Arrow are currently CLOSED.

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